Bold Marcasite Jewelry Studded Silver Ring


Fashion Jewelry Bold Marcasite Jewelry Studded Ring in Silver

This bold ring is a great eye-catching statement piece! It is perfect for people who like the look of studs.

Marcasite is a common iron sulfide that can be found worldwide. In Victorian times, marcasite was popular for jewelry and today, is still used for the same purpose.

Marcasite bracelets, pendants, earrings and rings can be found presently, at a moderate price. The name marcasite derives from the Arabic or Moorish word for pyrite and other minerals, such as bismuth and antimony.

Marcasite is a polymorph of pyrite. The two are shaped differently, and have different structures within, however they share the same chemistry. Until 1814, the two stones were constantly confused. However a French mineralogist, RJ Hauy finally was able to figure out a way to distinguish the two.

Marcasite is actually paler in color than pyrite, and is referred to as white iron pyrite. Marcasite is also more rare than pyrite.

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