Bricks & Houses Engraved David’s Star Roman Glass Jewelry Silver Pendant

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Bricks & Houses Engraved David’s Star Roman Glass Jewelry Pendant in Silver

This pendant has a town theme to it. The back part is textured like a brick wall, and the form is engraved like the shape of town houses. Roman Glass is inlaid behind the engraved part of the front of the pendant.

Roman glass jewelry is a type of jewelry that incorporates both beauty and history. Unlike pottery and stone, glass is not a material commonly associated with ancient societies, but in fact it was highly popular and widely produced in the Roman Empire, leading to archaeological finds.

Roman Glass is ancient glass discovered in archaeological excavation sites in Israel and other Mediterranean countries. The sources of the glass in a piece of Roman jewelry originally belonged to a vase, jug or vessel.

The presence of sandy dunes and beaches made ancient Israel one of the largest glass producers of the Roman Empire, and the same sands helped preserve, shape and temper the glass used in jewelry pieces.

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